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The purpose of this website is to provide a central point of information pertaining to moral values.

It is also the home of the Cool Values Moral Enrichment Programme.

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Each section will expound at length within it's own subject material.

Readers are encouraged to explore the site starting at the category of their particular interest and thereafter browse to related pages.

Provisions are made for individuals who wish to improve their own values. This is based on the renowned methodology of Prochaska and Diclemente of Rhodes University known as the five stages of change. Added to this we include many other useful teaching methods gleaned from a myriad of sources and years of practical experience.

Our attempt is not to replicate scientific information, this will be linked for the convenience of researchers. Rather we bring a practical dimension to these studies for use by our visitors.

Thus it will be seen on the Self-improve page how we have translated scientific and psychological methods into a story-form which is far more digestible.

In a nutshell, this is both a moral values library and a learning center.

Since this site is relatively new it will be a constant work-in-progress project with new additions and links to helpful information on the internet.

Our primary interest group is school-going children and in this regard you will find more detailed information on the programme in the Teachers section. We also give practical tools for Parents to assist their children in developing moral habits. The Kids section is being designed as online edutainment where kids will be able to play games, read stories and solve puzzles etc. whilst also learning values.

We have included a page on Religion merely to state our position on this personal topic and to settle any curiosity with regard to our mission, motives and methods.

You may be wondering what place the Business page has in this site and here again we believe that business people have a responsibility to set standards for it's employees with regard to acceptable boundaries of behaviour and will find in these pages helpful guidelines. It is also true that business has a social responsibility obligation to the community as suggested by the King Report http://www.coolvalues.co.za/king2.pdf and a second report here http://www.coolvalues.co.za/king3.pdf is there is a better means of helping the community than to uplift their moral values? Thus business could find a truly meaningful opportunity here to fulfill this need.

You may well find the motivating reasons for learning values interesting on our "why" page, we suggest you visit this page early on in your browsing of this site.

It is our wish that you will benefit from this wealth of information and make use of it for your pleasure and those you love.

Take your time and enjoy the material!