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About Us

About Us

The concept and need for a practical and workable and simple moral enrichment methodology based on solid values without the bias of religion or pre-concepts was developed by Dave Metzler after spending over 35 years studying values, their effects and the lack of values and the consequences, both within religion and society at large.

In short, this need exists in the best of institutions, not because those institutions are lacking or deficient, but rather their role and emphasis is rightly and traditionally focused on their core interest.

Families as an institution are fighting for survival, ravished by stress of every nature.

The Cool Values Moral Enrichment Programme continues to grow in it's efficacy and in it's extent, thus it will always be a work-in-progress project.

For now, there are 27 books being written, each book examines and expounds upon two core values at a time, so the first book is entitled "Empathy and Forgiveness". The book takes the form of an initial story in which The Pranksters, as usual, get into trouble, caused by the antagonist, the protagonist realises the error of their ways and invites a discussion with Mirrorman the superhero helper. What follows is an exercise of analysis of the story in which points are earned. At the end of the exercise, the child sends, via an adult, their results to our address and we in turn print a certificate of merit for their collection and pride.

Dave is devoting the remaining years of his life to the development of this Programme.

His appearance on the popular TV show "Stand Up" on SABC3 at 8.30 am as a personal transformation expert has been a privilege for him and afforded a wonderful opportunity to share some of his research with a wider audience.