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Religion has been with us for centuries.

Many people today still enjoy the feelings of belonging to a religion and are comforted by the messages taught.

This is a non-religious site.

What that means is we do not promote religion at all.

We are not against religion we just choose not to promote it.

Many religious folk may find this truly strange in a website devoted to the teaching of values. Some have asked how it is possible to teach values in the absence of God.

God is not owned by humans!

Therefore, no-one can lay claim to Him.

We all share the planet and the abundance of provisions created for our benefit.

We have witnessed as much wrongdoing inside religion as we have witnessed outside religion, so we come to the conclusion that if religion was a means of gaining God's favour, then how does that explain the blissfully happy and prosperous lives of countless millions who do not have religion and as an added thought, how is it possible that all religions suffer from the identical maladies?

The hope given by much of religion of life after death is comforting and perhaps this is where the reward will be paid? The faith of the individual is a personal choice and we respect their privacy.

Religion plays an important part in the lives of millions of people, often acting as an anchor and a motivation for the moral strength of it's adherents. One can only respect this force guiding humanity.

Others however do not require a religious environment to provide motivation for the doing of good and being moral. Here again the Bible says that "people of the nations do by nature the things of the law" thus demonstrating a conscience developed from within.

Thus the Cool Values Moral Enrichment Programme answers the question by stating that we are acutely aware of mans ability to develop an ethical character with or without religion.

We work off the premise of moral values being innate in all humans. Just as muscles are an integral part of the human. It takes exercise and nutrition to build those muscles. Moral muscles are no different.

Cool Values authors respect the position that people take as a choice of their own making. We are not here to form judgement on people.

Our focus is to provide methodology for the ethical enrichment of those who choose to improve in this area of their character.

We therefore invite members of all religions to make use of this unbiased methodology.

Nowhere in the programme do we favour or disfavour religion, it is little different to learning mathematics, mathematics is about learning calculus and as such cannot find objection from religion, neither is the study and growth of values objectionable.