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Parents today are faced with a daunting task of raising their children to be excellent adults.

Children run a daily gauntlet of pressures that have no resemblence to previous generations.

As parents we find it difficult to relate to their needs within this kid-eat-kid world they must face each day.

Peer pressure in the most arduous forms are being brought to bear on these little people and unless we give them the antidote, they more often than not succumb to the "dark side".

Reading reports of arrests of over 63,000 children between the ages of 7 and 17 is frightening, particularly when we realise that these arrests were in a 6 month period from April to September 2007. (The Star 27-03-08)

It goes without saying that parents need help and Cool Values has been developed specifically for this purpose.

By browsing this site, parents will get a clear understanding of the programme being developed and how they can make use of it.

We welcome feedback from parents. Please use the feedback form on the Contact Us page.

Thank you

What help is there for parents?

What help is there for parents? 
Take heart parents, we have excellent tools for your children... 


What makes a good parent? 
Take the test and have a good laugh, but is it a joke?

What makes a good parent?

Some insightful answers:

Be present, be there for your children

Listen without judgment, just listen, show interest in their stuff

Accept them for who they are

Love them unconditionally, only a parent can do this correctly

Do stuff with them

Set good healthy boundaries, children love boundaries/limits

Set the example you want them to imitate

Read to them often, including Dad

Dad is a vital link in the child's well-being and balanced outlook on life

Give them a life's journey, a goal to follow, a purpose in being alive

Always praise them, always show confidence in them, always!

YOU made em, YOU make em! They are YOUR children not the schools

See your responsibility as a 21 year project