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Cool Values
We value your visit Wanna know why?

Because you have an interest in moral values and that makes you special!

If we were to explain our mission in a single short sentence it would be:
"To change the world of the future into a better place, a safer and more secure place for our children, all children."

What Are Cool Values?

Cool Values are a selection of
moral values and values that
enhance living standards. The
list of these values can be
found on the inside back cover
of the book on Honesty! Or you
can see the list by clicking

Why Should You Have Cool Values?

The answer to this question is obvious, yet it is strangely illusive to our greater population. If you can answer the question, "why is our world in such a massive mess?" then you will start to see the great need for us to adopt a new set of values, different from those currently popular.
Cool Values is the only structured program designed to tackle this need effectively.

Why Everyone Should Have Cool Values

  • The root of crime is not poverty, but moral poverty. Our future leaders, the kids, need to to be morally rich if we want to Build A Better World.
  • But there is soooooo much more, sooooo many benefits we can hardly begin to count.
  • Imagine a world without fear, fear of being mugged or hijacked.
  • Imagine a world where people actually show respect for one another.
  • What about going to bed at night without a concern about the alarms being activated and all the layers of steel doors being bolted shut.
  • How about bringing peace to the home? That's a good one hey?
  • How about bringing an end to AIDS, wow that would be a miracle! but remember AIDS is relatively new on the scene, ever wonder why we have it in abundance and why it continues to spread at such an uncontrollable pace? (you know, don't you?)
  • By all means add to this list, if you send the email I will add your contribution to this list.

How To Get Cool Values:

  • Get the books in the series. These are the instruments carefully engineered to achieve this wonderful goal.

The first in the series is entitled Honesty, the other titles are to be released periodically.

  • Get Certified!
    After finishing the Cool Values course you will be awarded a beautiful certificate

For The Parents and Teachers:

If you would like to learn more about the Cool Values concept and find out how you can help build a better future for South Africa’s youth through education, please see About Us and Frequently Asked Questions.

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